Priority Management

by Stephen on August 15, 2011

Priority management is linked to organizational skills because it defines the things that you need to do so that you can achieve your goals versus the weakness inside of you, which is causing you to slack off. It’s completely necessary that we rest and have time in which we enjoy ourselves but there is a deliberate amount of time in our lives in which we must dedicate ourselves to work and study so that we will deserve the reward that we have received in life.

Priority management means that you are working enough for the type of grade or step forward that you need. These types of steps will not be given to you because the point of life is that we deserve them for the effort that we have put forth within our community. To distinguish priority management you’re going to have to go with your gut feeling and what you know you should be doing instead of what you want to do.

Whether being aware of it or not, we do have a subconscious mind that will give us that little tap on the shoulder that we often need when it comes to making decisions. We may be fully aware of the responsibilities that we need to care for but be completely inconsiderate when it comes to taking care of them because we don’t want to have to “work” all the time. As a student, you are the future of our nation.

You can be the leader whom you want to be but the standards that you set for yourself are the standards that others are also going to set for you. The strength that you perceive in yourself is going to determine your outcome. No one else is going to set the bar or do your work for you. It’s completely within your hands. That’s the beauty of your life being your very own. It’s that you have the means to control it and take the opportunities when they arise or reject them.

Priority management will make or break the grades that you receive on your tests. Each assignment that needs to be turned in on time will add up to the grade that you deserve. Manage your time so that your needs are laid out before your wants. You will eventually experience all the wants in your life if you can lay out your needs. That is the way of life, and it is fair isn’t it? It seems that life gets handed to certain people because of the benefits that they have but that doesn’t mean that they have more than us in the end.

The character that we build in organizing our time and taking care of responsibilities that will determine a significant outcome is making us out to be everything that we should all be. Character can only be built through experience and hard work, which is why those who are handed what they want without a priority management are not receiving the full effect of the anticipation before the reward.

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