Memory Techniques

by Stephen on August 14, 2011

Using memory techniques to further your learning skills and improve your test scores is easy once you acknowledge how you learn best and how it will come into accordance with your taking of notes, class experience and studying away from home. These memory techniques may be in the form of active memorization, auditory memorization or visual memorization. What type of learner are you and what will help you to remember these vocabulary words or math problems? For some, it may be a repetition. There have been certain memory techniques that will work for most.

It relates to the relating of vocabulary words or concepts and while you are attempting to remember them, you are relating them to certain objects or symbols that you are familiar with. These objects may hold some sort of significance in your life; which is why; in turn it will be easier for you to remember when you are taking a test or an exam. Memory techniques range. The more that you use the one that works for you the easier it will be for you in the continuous use of that technique. Learn what type of learner you are and then adjust.

Oddly enough, scent and experience are closely related to memory. Have active ingredients and images that relate to the material that you are hoping to remember. Be active with your hands, faces and concrete objects while you are thinking of the word. When you are looking for the meaning of the word you will go back to the physical presence or feeling that you felt, and you will in turn define the meaning, etc.

Memory techniques may revolve around the way that you take care of yourself before the exam. Your memory will be working in full force if you can get enough rest and eat throughout the day. Grazing on foods instead of skipping a meal will keep you energized and your thoughts/focus/concentration centered. Drink plenty of water because it will keep your body temperature consistent.

When your body is comfortable, then your mind will feel calm and at ease. When you are calm and filtering out the anxiety of taking a test or recalling upon certain information than you will remember your study materials. There are certain things that will stimulate your brain, and the information that you are searching for. Although you should drink plenty of water, do not be afraid to have caffeine right before your test.

It will get your brain running. You will crash, but as long as it’s after the test you don’t have much to worry about… right? Some memory techniques relate to the type of environment that you have been studying in. Make sure that you aren’t distracted by outside forces as you are going over material. You have to be intent on what you are studying. If you are not, then you won’t be able to call upon that information clearly. Also, make sure that you have a cheat sheet- just kidding!

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1 Sidra October 21, 2011 at 1:34 pm

I think we should study alone in a room, in peace.


2 Pavithran January 25, 2013 at 11:35 am

Very nice blog to study


3 Jerfail Mcghee November 25, 2013 at 10:56 am

Nice to remember which hoop to score on


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