Listing Skills

by Stephen on August 21, 2011

What is the importance of listing skills? No, not listening….listing! There are times that we get so caught up in the hype and the success that others have and we tend to forget about what we have to offer. As a student, you may not be surrounded by people who push you to achieve your goals and give you the drive that you need to take chances. The fear tends to get the best of people but that is only because they haven’t experienced the essence of life that comes along with taking risks.

Listing skills that you have as your very own person is going to show you that your purpose is universal. We all have something very distinct to offer and it’s symbolic for the positions that we hold in life. Every time that you are utilizing your special talent or skill you are actually giving the world the food and water that it needs to grow and change. Change will always be either positive or negative, but what of it? Listing skills will help you to regain a sense of self which in turn will help you to regain yourself as a student in this world.

This skill may have been inept in you or it may have been gained after you made a sacrifice and gained experience all on your own. Being that we are all fortunate enough to have different skills, we are also creating a larger community and a service that we were designed for. It’s often that we are skilled in one area but we aren’t interested in it. That doesn’t mean that we should further ourselves with another skill so that we can do we what love, and create that to be a job that we can happily wake up to every day.

The importance of listing skills lies behind the security that you have in yourself as well as a realization. At times, we can be diluted by the thoughts that others put into our head and the images that society flashes in front of us. This will give us false pretensions of what we want to be and what we should be. We have to come to terms with the potential that lies within our mind and our persistence.

We have so much power to change the world that it almost scares us. Our voice is significant, and it is all your own. That’s a beautiful thing. Losing your sense of self is also losing the gift that you were given and that’s life. Life means growing, making mistakes, learning, pushing, accepting and so many other ideas that we tend to take for granted.

We get so caught up in our competitive streak or the opinions of others that we forget who we are and all the beauty that we have to offer to the world. There are many different forms of beauty, and we all have one. Listing skills will help you find those and gain a sense of self- because, you do have a purpose.

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1 Patrick December 7, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Listening skills can help an individual to develop his/her intellectual mind in his/her daily life.


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