Learning Styles

by Stephen on August 14, 2011

The learning style for each student is going to vary depending on visual, audio and active learning styles. While some students are better with repetition and taking part in the activity, some are fortunate enough to hear a sentence once and remember it for a test that’s coming up. The best thing for a student to do is acknowledge their interests and how they learn about educational concepts.

Studying and learning can bore those who may not be settled enough to sit still but the right learning styles will efficiently help a student who is ready to take their grade up a notch and learn how to comprehend information for an upcoming test and for future reference. Students framing their own learning style is not only going to help them with their test grades, but it will sharpen their memory skills altogether. These are types of techniques that should be the focus of many assignments being that it is a life-long skill.

The mistake that a lot of students and adults make when it comes to setting goals and achieving them is not doing it by setting their own standard. While we all begin at different starting points, we will have to work around certain work restraints to gain something. All students have grown up in different environments and have been centered around different concepts and ideas as they had grown up.

When students can acknowledge their own learning styles and how important it is to reconcile then they can work on their own standards and on their own time limit. It isn’t a matter of time but how much effort is put forth while this student is learning, memorizing and putting their knowledge into effect. Through audio, visual or active learning styles the most important thing is repetition and review. When the instructor requires the students to actively participate in reviews and practice tests, then they are promoting the effort of the student.

It’s the instructors’ goal to require the students to actively learn instead of passively learn. Education is the foundation of a country’s future and when it isn’t passed on with the utmost effort on the behalf of the instructor then the students will continue to go through life having the idea in their head that they don’t have to actively participate in anything to feel content with their lives and knowledge. To succeed in school and college a student must work at a steady pace and forget about the knowledge and learning styles of other people.

As an instructor, it’s very important to be up to date on all of the methods of teaching students with various learning styles. There are many different approaches to teaching children from all different backgrounds, and knowing these approaches will help students achieve educational success.

If a student has a superb memory, and another has a weak one- it doesn’t mean that the weaker memory does not have the capacity or the potential to grow in such an intellectual manner. It all has to do with how much effort is being forth by the student, how often it is being put forth and whether or not the work is challenging enough. The only way for students to grow is by constantly challenging themselves and learning in a way that complies with their brain function.

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1 Andy February 8, 2012 at 7:48 pm

You guys really need to study your grammar.


2 Prabhu April 27, 2012 at 10:21 am

I really improve myself.


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