How to take Notes

by Stephen on August 14, 2011

You are a student and you are growing to be a responsible, creative and unique adult. Unfortunately, that requires organization, responsibility and a format. The word format doesn’t only relate to an essay but to your life and how you balance it out. We all have a format in which we create a piece of work. This piece of work may relate to sports, family, hobbies, education or how we go about our daily routine.

It is quite odd that how to take notes is also a reflection of who we are as a person. Are you organized in taking notes?

Do you rewrite them to maintain order, or do you scribble them here and there on a paper only to refer to later? Everything that you do is a reflection of your brain pattern, and it’s a beautiful thing. If you want to know how to take notes that right way then you are going to also have to take a look at the way that you retain information and how you memorize the study materials for an upcoming exam.

Some of you students may need your notes laid out word by word because you learn better that way or you prefer your notes to look that way. Some of you may include bullet points so that you can refer back to that topic in your textbook and review it no problem. Did you know that there are computer devices that will actually turn on an audio listening device and record the lecture notes for you? If you prefer that, then you can get the computer with that feature…but, this is most often only relevant in college credit classes.

You should know how to take notes if you are already in college, but if you aren’t, then all that it requires is organization and how you are going to understand them when you look back over them. Always right down the material that the instructor indicates is on the test. Highlight this material and intricately memorize it so that it’s embellished in your thought process! Another way to take notes and enjoy doing it is by using a paper, pen and writing area that you enjoy.

Do you enjoy typing? Write down all the important information and then type it into different categories or format it with an art program. This is a good way to organize your binder and keep it simple to understand. Break your notes down in a way that is easy for others to understand as well. Use a red and a black pen so that you can separate the important information from the details.

Some of us are not blessed with a memory that is crystalline clear! If you have to make things obvious on your notes, then do so! Just because you have a foggy memory, it doesn’t mean that you won’t ace your test. Knowing how to take notes is incorporating your personality with your work life.

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