Good Study Habits

by Stephen on August 12, 2011

You do realize that if you are getting negative results on your quizzes, tests and assignment grades, it is probably because you are not taking the initiative in practicing good study habits, which will determine the letter grade on your next semester transcript or report card. As you probably are not a child, you are aware of the importance in good study habits, but you cannot find the punctuality in actually pulling through with them.

You may be very active both physically and mentally, causing you to stop concentrating when you should be most. Many students suffer from distraction… but, you can discipline yourself in studying the right way according to what type of learner you are and how concerned you are with the grade outcome. Like anything, you will have to put effort forth in receiving something of worth. That goes towards any business, service, product, competition, etc.

To maintain good study habits you are going to have to make a routine out of it and disregard breaking that routine for a night out with the friends or a day on the beach. Of course, we all deserve our play time but only after we have put the hard work into play. Consider studying in an area that is relaxing. If you do live near the beach and it relaxes you, then take a caffeine drink, your books, a towel and go to lay out under the sun while you’re studying. Make a compromise here and there. Go and play a quick football game but after the first game call it quits and hit the books.

If you can balance out your life and look at how much work you are going to have to put into your school assignments, then you will also find a happy medium in which you can abide by. Some of us tend to work in extremes. We will either study a lot or stress ourselves out doing it or we won’t study at all and assume that we know all the information.

This is a lack of self-responsibility and prioritizing. Your achievements, goals and rewards are a measurement of how much effort you have put into something. With practice, you can achieve perfect, but you may have to fail before you are up to the standards that you have set up for yourself. Good study habits kick into gear when we need those most… often in the case of a failing grade and a semester close to being over. Don’t make this mistake again.

Start off your semester fresh by kicking it into gear towards the beginning, middle and end of the semester. Many giving up near the middle being that fatigue and stress kicks in… but, don’t let it get the best of you. Good study habits will come from your own persistence, which is a reflection of who you are and how much strength you have when it comes to effort.

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1 Francis Nnawuihe September 22, 2012 at 3:35 pm

I need “tools” to help my students improve in their study. It helps them do well and boost their self-esteem


2 Saberi December 12, 2012 at 6:29 am

Thanks. Very interesting comments and important points that were helpful.


3 Marwa Moh'd September 15, 2013 at 1:50 pm

It is very interesting and useful. I know how and when to study.


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