Critical thinking skills

by Stephen on August 13, 2011

To put critical thinking into effect you have to understand what it consists of. There are sub chapters in critical thinking: Rationality, self-awareness, honesty, open mindedness, discipline and judgment. We all make mistakes, and we will act objectively based off of our emotions rather than doing so with an objective. We do things for our own interest and out of insecurities, which are almost inevitable without the willpower to get rid of these insecurities, mature and grow in a way that allows you to the one in control of your thoughts, emotions and outcomes.

Although experiencing all of these negative concepts are a part of life and making us who we are today, there also comes a time in which we have to take some critical thinking skills and use our own initiative. We have the power to be wherever we choose, and if we use our critical thinking skills while also using our gut feeling then we will find ourselves in a place where we truly want to be. Being rational means that we don’t base our decisions off of our emotions, and we rely on our reason.

This will require you to take in evidence and find the best explanation for the position or the decision. We know who we are best, and we know how we work under certain circumstances. Sometimes we need that pressure to motivate us into working harder and working smarter. Being rational means that we can weigh out the motives and influences and take a look at how we have acted towards such a scenario in the past.

Rational thinking can be done by looking at our own assumptions and our own points of view. Through honesty, we can see how we would act on impulse, self-interests and then judge our decisions accordingly. To further your critical thinking you’re going to have to maintain an open mind and do so by considering other viewpoints and other perspectives. This doesn’t mean that you are incorrect, but it’s using other viewpoints to come to a better understanding of reason and security.

When we think critically we are using discipline and resisting influence or manipulation when it comes to the things that we should be doing. Do recognize that there are other pieces of evidence that can be taken into consideration and then used or incorporated into your thinking. This is further expanding your thought process and the opportunities that are available to you. This is somewhat of a simple view on the world, and it relates more to black and white than being in a gray area.

Although this is great to put into effect you also have to incorporate critical thinking when it’s necessary. This is relative during education and not all of the decisions that you’re making, being that we do have emotions, wants and interests that aren’t all black and white. That is where art comes into play, and the impossible becomes possible.

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1 Issac Newton August 23, 2011 at 2:32 am

I read it carefully but I still didn’t understand it.


2 Ahsan April 2, 2012 at 9:30 am

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